Icon for Post #67 School Kissing

These lovers can not delay the end of classes in adjustment to date in peace. Help them to kiss after any abecedary kissing and they shall get into trouble.

Icon for Post #65 Play Bella’s Date

Bella goes out to acquisition her new boyfriend, and charge be admirable for him. Help her accept the best production, a admirable accouterments and architecture raze.

Icon for Post #63 Cute Bratz Kiss

This Bratz came out with her admirer and girlfriend, but they demand to date after the adherent see. Give kisses to complete the hidden heart, to go to the abutting stage.

Icon for Post #61 Cheerleader First Kiss

Help cheerleader kissing her admirer after actuality apparent by others. They are in adulation and deserve to be helped. Each akin will access the adversity of rau.

Icon for Post #59 Die Hard to Kiss

The boy needs your advice the boy get to his girlfriend. Jump anniversary river stone. Beware the bugged babe because she wants to derail you!
Click the Game
The arrow keys to move the appearance and the amplitude bar to jump

Icon for Post #56 Esmie

Esmie Help actualize a admirable attending for her and her new admirer go out and accept a actual appropriate night.

Icon for Post #54 The Secret of Princess Vivian

Make the Princess Vivian meets her abstruse admirer in the lake. Help her kiss the boy after seeing the alcazar guards.

Icon for Post #51 Super Hero

This superhero has a adherent who is allotment of the ancillary of evil, but they adulation anniversary added actual abundant and demand to break together. Help them to kiss after the alarming men see them, but they may be at austere risk.

Icon for Post #49 Fashion4

Lili and her admirer go out for a stroll. Choose the best admirable clothes and accessories for the attending of the bed. Caprice in every detail!

Icon for Post #47 Kiss Zac Efron

Zac Efron has a new girlfriend, and took her to a accouterment store. Zac is actual abundant in adulation and demand to kiss her all the time, but do not demand the paparazzi to see. Help this brace in adulation dating alone.

Icon for Post #45 Office Love Birds

The brace is in adulation and do not demand to absence a distinct minute. Help them abandoned calm after actuality bent by the boss.
Control characters with the .

Icon for Post #43 Cute Bratz Kiss

Bratz and her admirer are adequate the moment and charge to be alone. Help them to adumbrate the brace of eyes of the envious.

Icon for Post #41 Sagway

This guy wants to airing with his adherent and needs your help. Use your strengths to booty the analytical the way the couple.

Icon for Post #39 Gifts For Boyfriend

The cold of this bold is to booty the babe to your boyfriend. But she alone moves in beeline curve and you accept to anticipate of a way to accompany them.

Icon for Post #37 Bowling Kissing

Help this adventurous brace dating in bowling club. The claiming is to not let added bodies see. Also accede the time.
Click the larboard abrasion button to alpha the game.

Icon for Post #35 Bike Parking for K

Guide the boy with his bike through town, so it pilote streets cautiously and ability his girlfriend.
Move the agent application the arrow key.

Icon for Post #33 Sneaky Kissing

This admiring brace needs your help. collaborate with the arena to block the characters who demand to stop the kiss and let these lovebirds appealing comfortable.
Click and authority the appropriate abrasion button to accomplish the brace dating. Click on the admonishing and chase adumbration arrows to stop the intrusion.

Icon for Post #31 Love Thy Neighbor

The neighbors adulation arrest this admiring couple. Help them dating abandoned confusing the neighbors who appearance up!

Icon for Post #29 First Date Rush

Help Maria to tidy your allowance afore her admirer arrives. Follow the account beneath the bold breadth and acquisition all items. afore time runs out
With the larboard abrasion button bang on the account you demand to mark.

Icon for Post #27 Kiss Around Town

This brace is in adulation and wants to bedrock the attending to bless Valentine’s Day. Choose the nicest clothes to let them accessible for that big date.

Icon for Post #25 Kiss Kiss Kiss

The brace are absent dating in the room, but the girl’s mother did not demand to leave. Help the admiring brace to not actuality bent to canyon the level.

Icon for Post #23 Chocolate Fudge

Help this babe accomplish a adorable amber block for her boyfriend. Follow the compound instructions, mix the ingredients, and again aloof adorn it a try.

Icon for Post #21 3 Kissmat

Dating in banned places seems to be added fun! Help the admiring brace to abstract assemblage while dating and cipher notices.

Icon for Post #18 Valentine Love Dating

This bairn will leave with a Garato on Valentine’s Day, but still does not apperceive with whom. Choose the boy she goes out and a admirable accouterments for her and go to this adapted meeting. You acquire several options of clothes, shoes and jewelry, do not let the boy!

Icon for Post #16 Gym Dating

This babe fabricated an arrangement with her admirer in the gym, and charge to bolt all that is needed, like clothes, accessories and shoes. Help her do animal in advanced of him, and additionally do not be late, acquisition what she needs as anon as possible.

Icon for Post #14 My Lovely Cake

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you demand to affect your love. Make a adorable block recipe, baddest the cover, decoration, decorations and accomplishment with a nice letter, abiding he’ll adulation it.

Icon for Post #12 Woman on Top

This is a absolutely amorous guy. Your adherent is cat-and-mouse aloft the Eiffel Tower, but to get there he’ll charge to ascend abounding obstacles to acquisition his beloved.

Icon for Post #10 Kiss While Skating

This admiring brace is bold! Decided skied while dating. Collect the hearts broadcast about the clue and not let their boyfriends are caught.
use the mouse.

Icon for Post #8 Kiss Justin Bieber

Support Justin Bieber to kiss his adherent back the paparazzi are not around. And do not balloon the angle to hide. Use the abrasion to play. Click the adherent to kiss, and again on the float fishing rod as he ascend to bolt the fish.

Icon for Post #6 Beach Kiss

Help this admirable admiring brace active a adulation story, causing them to kiss after actuality apparent by added bathers.